3 Rules for Hiring the Right Photographer

Have you faced a situation where you needed a professional photographer, other than your wedding or a special occasion? Perhaps for your business or company's content needs? Now, more than ever before, it's relevant to create great content that makes an impact. You can see content platforms are developing very well, from YouTube, Netflix, to … Continue reading 3 Rules for Hiring the Right Photographer

Klaud9 Stock Photos to Keep an Eye on in 2019

Through photography, Klaud9 has witnessed the remarkable business that emerged in Asia throughout 2018. As businesses grow in scale, it would be necessary to improve their game, including in the marketing aspects. It can be a challenge, especially for Startups with relatively fewer resources. To make companies' effort less-overwhelming and more efficient. Klaud9 has been … Continue reading Klaud9 Stock Photos to Keep an Eye on in 2019

Apa kata Andrew tentang On Demand Branded Platform Klaud9?

Andrew Siapa? Andrew sudah memotret sejak umurnya 17 tahun. Pada masa itu, orang-orang masih menggunakan film untuk memotret. Ia banyak melakukan traveling sendiri dan selalu memabawa kameranya. Oleh karena itu, ia sudah mengembangkan kreativitas di jalanan dan mempertajam matanya untuk mencari objek foto yang paling bagus. Andrew adalah seorang fotografer berbasis di Jakarta yang berpengalaman. Seperti banyak … Continue reading Apa kata Andrew tentang On Demand Branded Platform Klaud9?

What Does Andrew Say About the Klaud9 On Demand Branded Platform?

Andrew Who? Andrew has taken photos since the age of 17. It was back in those days when photographers were still using film. He traveled a lot by himself and always brought his camera along. Basically, he developed his creativity on the streets and sharpened his eyes finding great objects for his lens. Andrew is … Continue reading What Does Andrew Say About the Klaud9 On Demand Branded Platform?

Effortful vs Effortless Beautiful Photos

In mid-2018, a Singaporean photographer and "influencer" Daryl Aiden caused controversial comments about his work, especially from photographers and creatives. He even made it to BBC for claiming stock photos as his own personal work. As Amos Struck explained in his article, stock photos should be used as part of a greater design (e.g. websites; … Continue reading Effortful vs Effortless Beautiful Photos

Nine Best Stock Photo Sites for Marketers

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, marketers are required to be effective and efficient in finding the perfect visual content for their marketing efforts. Marketer Jeff Bullas cites that articles containing relevant images have 94 percent more total views than articles without images. As a result, the need for sourcing photos quickly is when stock … Continue reading Nine Best Stock Photo Sites for Marketers

Tips to Create Interesting Minimalist Photography

To become a skilled photographer, it is important to explore different styles to keep challenging yourself. Do you know anything about minimalist photography? If you don't, now it's time to learn about it! Minimalist Photography utilizes various objects, from large objects and the wall as the background to tiny objects and its natural surroundings as … Continue reading Tips to Create Interesting Minimalist Photography

Win the Instagram Hashtag Game

It was a decade ago when Chris Messina became the first person to use a hashtag in social media. However, the concept of hashtags has been around for a long time before they were popularised by social media. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was the first platform to use metadata tags to group messages, images, video, … Continue reading Win the Instagram Hashtag Game

Are Mobile Phones Killing Photography?

With the evolution of technology, it is nearly impossible to ignore what mobile phones have to offer. Since mobile phones were first introduced to the world, they have not only been able to change the way people live, but also the way people perceive things. Everything has become so handy that people have regarded mobile … Continue reading Are Mobile Phones Killing Photography?