Effortful vs Effortless Beautiful Photos

In mid-2018, a Singaporean photographer and "influencer" Daryl Aiden caused controversial comments about his work, especially from photographers and creatives. He even made it to BBC for claiming stock photos as his own personal work. As Amos Struck explained in his article, stock photos should be used as part of a greater design (e.g. websites; … Continue reading Effortful vs Effortless Beautiful Photos

Simple Effort, Incredible Result of Optical Illusion

Have you seen pictures like these and wondered how people made them? Photo editing technique of an optical illusion has been a public secret for the experts. But, for beginners or photography appreciators that haven't practiced a specific skill, this secret can be mind-blowing. To expose this secret, Klaud9 got a chance to chat with … Continue reading Simple Effort, Incredible Result of Optical Illusion

8 of Photoshop’s Biggest Faux Pas

Despite being one of the most popular photo editing tools available, Photoshop still has its fair share of faux pas when it comes to users editing their photos. From creating unrealistic images of 'beautiful' models to improbable product images, we've seen it all, and now we've selected our favourite Photoshop blunders to provide you with some … Continue reading 8 of Photoshop’s Biggest Faux Pas

Learn How to do Web Design The Right Way With These Awesome Web Design Tutorials

Finding a quality web design tutorial can be a long process for beginner and experienced designers alike. This list of eight courses and tutorials features some of the best available on the web for learning web design skills.