Nine Best Stock Photo Sites for Marketers

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, marketers are required to be effective and efficient in finding the perfect visual content for their marketing efforts. Marketer Jeff Bullas cites that articles containing relevant images have 94 percent more total views than articles without images. As a result, the need for sourcing photos quickly is when stock … Continue reading Nine Best Stock Photo Sites for Marketers

Tips to Create Interesting Minimalist Photography

To become a skilled photographer, it is important to explore different styles to keep challenging yourself. Do you know anything about minimalist photography? If you don't, now it's time to learn about it! Minimalist Photography utilizes various objects, from large objects and the wall as the background to tiny objects and its natural surroundings as … Continue reading Tips to Create Interesting Minimalist Photography

10 Food Photos of Asia’s Most Delicious Dishes

You have come to the right place now that you are craving for foods because we have created an Asian food list with pictures we found on Instagram. You might have come across these foods during your travel, have seen them on Healthy Asian food pictures and have even tried them in authentic restaurants nearby. Do … Continue reading 10 Food Photos of Asia’s Most Delicious Dishes

Discovering Beautiful China – Ziting

Do you have a heart for adventure? Then, you'll enjoy reading this article. As Klaud9 got a challenging project to capture beautiful moments of all around China, we collaborate with photographers named Ziting and Kike Arnaiz. Ziting is a Chinese photographer from Xi'an who has been part of the same project as Kike. What was … Continue reading Discovering Beautiful China – Ziting

Discovering Beautiful China – Kike Arnaiz

May and June were challenging and exciting months for Klaud9, as one of Singapore's leading brands urgently needed photos taken at 28 locations in China. The objective was to get inspiring and candid pictures of different cities, following accurately the client's brief. For this purpose, our team sent two of our most professional & adventurous … Continue reading Discovering Beautiful China – Kike Arnaiz

10 Handsome Asian Men You Need to See Photos of Now!

In the past decade, Asian men have been more and more recognizable on the screen and in the media, but still, some people do not regard them as attractive as their western counterparts. By picking 10 handsome Asian men, we want to show the world that the prejudices towards Asian community are not true. Asian men … Continue reading 10 Handsome Asian Men You Need to See Photos of Now!

Ten of the Most Beautiful Asian Women

The definition of beautiful Asian ladies is an idiosyncratic and subjective topic. As the largest continent in the world, Asia comprises diverse ethnicities & communities. Among these, there can be found beautiful Asian ladies with different facial features and physical characteristics that uniquely accentuate their beauty. Therefore, in this article we will show you ten pretty … Continue reading Ten of the Most Beautiful Asian Women

Fascinating Facts about Nomad Photography

Hola chicos! Guess what? Last month, Klaud9 invited Kike Arnaiz, another amazing Spanish photographer to come and help them with their latest inspirational projects. He brought lots of amazingly creative ideas & insights, plus helped Klaud9 to increase their database of visual content. While he was here, Kike also participated in the following face-to-face interview, … Continue reading Fascinating Facts about Nomad Photography

The Secrets about Women in Photography

In celebration of International Women's Day, on 8 March 2018, Klaud9 met up with Cheryl Faith a young, talented photographer from Singapore. In her interview, Cheryl shares with us the unique perspectives women bring to photography, what challenges female photographers face and some of her favourite works by women photographers. Even though professional photography has been historically dominated by … Continue reading The Secrets about Women in Photography

Klaud9 Best Photos of 2017

For nearly two years Klaud9 has been receiving remarkable photographs from their amazing photographer community. To summarize the awesomeness of pictures uploaded in 2017, we have selected the top ten photos based on their inspirational and technical aspects. Fisherman Throwing His Net by Ronaldo Edson We simply love sunsets. By catching a fisherman in action, Ronaldo Edson gives … Continue reading Klaud9 Best Photos of 2017