Why Brands Need More Visual Content Right Now

Communicating and delivering messages to customers can be troublesome, especially for new and small enterprises. Not only requires creativity to produce original marketing content regularly, we always need to try to be better than our competitors.

There is already more content online than what the audiences can consume. Nevertheless, there is visual content that can be your bold strategy to build relationships and engage with your customers. Keep on reading to know why you need more visual content for your brand!


1. Shifting Trends of Popular Media

At a glance, we can see that in 2019 smartphones are winning the battle against TVs to grab the attention of people. According to a Consumer Barometer by Google, the types of devices used in Southeast Asia are mainly mobile phones and TVs with mobile phones being more superior.

Working with global and local brands to create visual content, we can see that a small part of the club has shifted the quantity of content produced for big-budget marketing (e.g. TVs and billboards) to social media marketing. They have started to align with this trend and you should too!

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2. Faster in Transmitting Messages 

Children are given books full of pictures and colors because they would grasp the concept easier. The same idea applies to adults when receiving new information. Moreover, MIT discovered that humans can identify images seen as fast as 13 milliseconds. The study also explained that when the next image appears, the brain continues to process the previous image longer than 13 milliseconds.

Anyone on social media knows that so many contents are given daily. So, images could provide an enormous benefit to your brand if you present them often enough to your audience on social media.


Photo by Hafiz

3. Ensure Recall

We are all buyers. We know the process of making purchases is not instant. As a buyer, we need to first recognize the product and brand. If we see it often enough, we can easily recall it when we need it.

Science says images are directly deposited in the long-term memory while words only make it to short-term memory. This results in viewers to remember images more effectively. Additionally, Ofer Fryman explained that significant portions of the brain are dedicated to processing visual information. And it sends signals to the decision-making parts of the brain – where buyers decide which sneakers to buy.


Photo by Hafiz


4. It’s Glue to Stick Your Readers with Text Messages

Images don’t have to be the star of your marketing content, instead, it could be the MVP (most valuable player) or a game-changing ingredient. A study published by Xerox mentioned that color gains readership by 80%. In Xerox’s case, it’s critical to get readers to understand important information about operating their product because it will eventually save time and cost of service calls.

Texts deliver the most comprehensive information compare to images or verbal communication. But, as the audience could get reluctant to reading an abundance of text, images could get in handy in keeping people to read the whole information and understand it.

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Photo by Dragon Image

5. Social Media Transmit Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective marketing tools. It is even more effective than social media. Research by McKinsey shows that marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising in categories as diverse as skincare and mobile phones.

With social media, businesses have more opportunities to drive word of mouth and the word of mouth itself is expanding to a wider audience. For instance, a married couple who mentioned their wedding vendors (e.g. makeup artist, tailor, venue) can induce their followers or friends to look into them and talk further about them.

Similar to when you update the restaurant you went to on Instagram story that open doors for people to discuss it. When talking about social media, visual content is a prerequisite. Whether people engage with the message and the engagement volume is highly influenced by the images or videos created.


Photo by Nunezimage

Now, can you think of how well your content performances have been? Do you think you need more photos for your social media or try to incorporate images to places you didn’t before? Maybe your blog articles or newsletter?

Producing visual content may seem more complicated than text. It requires cooperation with the experts which traditionally takes much time and cost. However, Klaud9 has invented a way for businesses to create photos in an easy and scalable manner utilizing an online platform. If you are curious about visual content creation or want to take your marketing campaigns to a new level, visit us today!

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