Unmissable Wonders of South East Asia

Have you ever wanted to travel to South East Asia but have been always unsure of where exactly to travel to? Or maybe you think that there isn’t much more left to explore? Think again! There are quite the number of hidden gems located in this subregion that is filled with diversity, what if maybe … Continue reading Unmissable Wonders of South East Asia

Discovering Beautiful China – Ziting

Do you have a heart for adventure? Then, you'll enjoy reading this article. As Klaud9 got a challenging project to capture beautiful moments of all around China, we collaborate with photographers named Ziting and Kike Arnaiz. Ziting is a Chinese photographer from Xi'an who has been part of the same project as Kike. What was … Continue reading Discovering Beautiful China – Ziting

Discovering Beautiful China – Kike Arnaiz

May and June were challenging and exciting months for Klaud9, as one of Singapore's leading brands urgently needed photos taken at 28 locations in China. The objective was to get inspiring and candid pictures of different cities, following accurately the client's brief. For this purpose, our team sent two of our most professional & adventurous … Continue reading Discovering Beautiful China – Kike Arnaiz