Win the Instagram Hashtag Game

It was a decade ago when Chris Messina became the first person to use a hashtag in social media. However, the concept of hashtags has been around for a long time before they were popularised by social media. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was the first platform to use metadata tags to group messages, images, video, … Continue reading Win the Instagram Hashtag Game

The 5 Brands Currently Killing it at Brand Storytelling

From now on, marketers should use visual content for their social media and marketing campaigns. Not convinced yet? Take a quick look at our previous article here. But then, what's next? Time and time again we are reminded that “customers don’t like to be sold to”. But, creating unique, engaging marketing campaigns that are accepted … Continue reading The 5 Brands Currently Killing it at Brand Storytelling

Master Interactive Content Marketing with This Handy Guide

Whether it's spectacular photographs, a health product, or something else you want to promote, interactive content can help you reach more customers.