A Quick Fix for Your Creative Block

Have you ever been in a creative block? That feeling of not being able to visualize any stories for your photographs. Or being unable to come up with fresh concepts for your projects? We all know how terrible that feels, in a world where creatives need to always have waves and waves of ideas that … Continue reading A Quick Fix for Your Creative Block

Are Mobile Phones Killing Photography?

With the evolution of technology, it is nearly impossible to ignore what mobile phones have to offer. Since mobile phones were first introduced to the world, they have not only been able to change the way people live, but also the way people perceive things. Everything has become so handy that people have regarded mobile … Continue reading Are Mobile Phones Killing Photography?

Fascinating Facts about Nomad Photography

Hola chicos! Guess what? Last month, Klaud9 invited Kike Arnaiz, another amazing Spanish photographer to come and help them with their latest inspirational projects. He brought lots of amazingly creative ideas & insights, plus helped Klaud9 to increase their database of visual content. While he was here, Kike also participated in the following face-to-face interview, … Continue reading Fascinating Facts about Nomad Photography

The Five Most Inspirational Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2018

Do you ever get bored of following the same accounts on Instagram? Is everything starting to look the same and nothing really inspiring you? We know that Instagram can sometimes be overwhelming and it can be find to sift through the masses of accounts to find the truly unique and inspiring ones. That's why we've … Continue reading The Five Most Inspirational Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2018

The Secrets about Women in Photography

In celebration of International Women's Day, on 8 March 2018, Klaud9 met up with Cheryl Faith a young, talented photographer from Singapore. In her interview, Cheryl shares with us the unique perspectives women bring to photography, what challenges female photographers face and some of her favourite works by women photographers. Even though professional photography has been historically dominated by … Continue reading The Secrets about Women in Photography

Meet Sylvester Lim, an Inspiring Photographer of the Region

This week Klaud9 met with Sylvester Lim, a Singaporean photographer and founder of GradePixel. His passion for photography already started back in his schooling days in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, where he was already working with paid campaigns and shooting for his battalion during his army days. Today, his career evolved a lot, as he's shooting … Continue reading Meet Sylvester Lim, an Inspiring Photographer of the Region