5 Ways Professional Photos Increase Your Sales

Now and again, you may have heard that using great visual content in marketing communications will help your business in several ways, from increasing your brand awareness to sales convers. We often see brands using social media influencers and brand ambassadors to reach relevant audiences on a large scale. We also often get bombarded with … Continue reading 5 Ways Professional Photos Increase Your Sales

Win the Instagram Hashtag Game

It was a decade ago when Chris Messina became the first person to use a hashtag in social media. However, the concept of hashtags has been around for a long time before they were popularised by social media. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was the first platform to use metadata tags to group messages, images, video, … Continue reading Win the Instagram Hashtag Game

In 2018 and Onwards, Visual Content is the Way

By its very nature, marketing always follows the most recent trends in order to target customers in the right way. When talking about marketing strategy, the change adopted, technologies used, and the rate of change varies depending on the industry the company operates within and who their customers are. However, since the boom of the … Continue reading In 2018 and Onwards, Visual Content is the Way

Learn How to do Web Design The Right Way With These Awesome Web Design Tutorials

Finding a quality web design tutorial can be a long process for beginner and experienced designers alike. This list of eight courses and tutorials features some of the best available on the web for learning web design skills.